DOG ART: Shih Tzu Dog Pop Art Collage

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!!! We’ve been having a great time here for the holidays! Tonight one of my girlfriends who I haven’t seen for awhile is coming over to visit so we are still enjoying fun times here and hope you are too!

below is one of my most recently completed dog art collages – this is Isabelle (aka Izzy), a playful little Shih Tzu of my friend Ryan’s parents.

The original of this shih tzu dog art collage and fine art giclee prints of this dog art collage will soon be made available through

Please note we will be jumping in to Lake Michigan VERY SOON for FREEZIN FOR A REASON to raise funds for American Greyound so if you did want to pledge please make sure we receive your pledges before our jump on Jan 1st. 🙂 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED BY PLEDGING MY JUMP – IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!


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  1. I’m going to share this page on a link on my blog

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