ZELDA – English Bulldog Collage by Keck

I am so very honored today to blog about one of my latest dog pop art collages. I feel blessed to have been offered the unique opportunity to create an original collage of the one-and-only, world renowned, DIVA -Zelda!! If you are a dog lover the chances are great you already know who Zelda is. For those of you who may not know her, Zelda is an English Bulldog who’s owner, Carol Gardner, made her famous when she started combining Zelda’s comical photographs with her own wit and wisdom and putting the two on greeting cards. A few years later Zelda’s lovable mug attracted the attention of Hallmark and the rest was history. To read more about Carol and Zelda please visit their web site http://www.zeldawisdom.com.

Zelda English Bulldog Collage

for a larger view of Zelda’s collage portrait click here

Thank you Carol and Zelda!!! Creating Zelda’s collage was a real honor and absolute blast!! Zelda’s original will be hanging in the offices of Zelda Wisdom Inc. Soon fine art giclee prints of Zelda’s original will be made available on both fine art paper and gallery wrapped canvas. I will update the blog to let you know as soon as Zelda’s fine art giclee prints are available.

DOG ART: Modern Dog Collage Art


2 Responses

  1. abstract art have share some of its unique beauty when it comes to art. i like abstract art because it is mysterious .*;

  2. you just have to get used to modern art to appreciate the beauty of it ;~*

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