DOG ART Scottish Terrier Modern Pop Art Dog Collage by Keck

below is a pic of another cute little furry baby – a scottish terrier – from my dog collage series. hope you enjoy it!

all of my dog pop art collages are available through my site

labrador dog art



4 Responses

  1. An avatar in the virtual world of Second Life named Ruby Quality (not her real life name) is displaying some of your art in her gallery. She is not selling it, but I just wanted to quickly confirm that you have given her permission to display this art in Second Life. It’s unattributed so it was really hard tracking you down. She says she has permission from all the artists on display in her gallery, and I have no real reason to doubt her, but I just wanted to confirm this from you. I’m sure everything is fine 🙂 Thanks!

    BTW I love the piece you chose to display at her gallery, it’s very cute. Really too bad it’s impossible to track down the RL artists on display here such as yourself, it took a lot of searching.

  2. So Sorry! I just found a pic. of my scottie. It’s gorgeous. Would love to know if you produce posters, numbered prints, etc. and the price of each.

  3. Well, as my mom used to say “Don’t cry before you’re hurt”. After my remark about the Scotties (the cutest dog of all) I found the picture of the scottie. I’d love to be able to afford that one. Love it.

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