Hello!  Thank you for visiting ModernDogArt.com.   My name is Michel Keck.    I am a self-taught abstract painter and mixed media artist working/residing in Northwest Indiana.   My abstract art web site is located at http://www.michelkeck.com.  There you can read my full bio, and even my ‘more than you need to know’ about me page.

Moose & Stoney
Above: My boys Stoney & Moose (the beautiful inspiration for my dog collages)

This site, ModernDogArt.com, is a site dedicated to showcasing my newest series of works, my dog art collage works of man’s best FURiends! I started my dog art collage series in 2008.  My boys, Moose (my german shepherd) and Stoney (my greyhound) are the inspirations for my dog art collages.  If you know me or are familiar with my other sites/blogs than you know my boys are my LIFE!! I am blessed to be able to have my studio and gallery not 100 feet from my house so I am with my boys literally 24/7 and I can’t imagine it any other way. They are my joy and undoubtedly the inspiration for this site and my series of dog collages. You can view some pics of my boys here and here.

I created collages of my german shepherd Moose to help raise money for PETA and my angel greyhound Stoney to help raise money for American Greyhound, that is how my dog collages started. After finishing their collages and putting the pics of them online and my email box was literally flooded with emails from collectors, friends and site visitors asking if/when I would be doing a “boxer,dachshund,yorkie,westie,collie, etc., etc.,”.
I hope you enjoy them as well!! Please feel free to submit pics of your pooch to the cutest dog contest and if your baby is chosen I will create a collage work of your best furiend!!