My Dog Art Inspiration

The inspiration for my dog art collages are my precious boys Moose and Stoney. Moose (aka Dirty Paw Moo) is our german shepherd and Stoney (aka Mr. Bones) is our greyhound. Moose is our soccer playing, rough and tumble, big boy who thinks he is a lap dog 😉 and Stoney is our gentle angel who loves nothing more than to be curled up in the nook of the couch getting his belly rubbed. They say greyhounds are the 40 mile an hour couch potato and that definitely describes our Mr. Bones perfectly! In our family our boys are our life! There is no doubt that they rule our household & gallery, absolutely… and we love every minute of it! My husband and I are blessed to be able to run our own business (my art business) and because of this our boys are with us 24/7. Moose and Stoney are the official gallery managers of Keck Fine Art.

Don’t be surprised if you phone into the gallery and you hear barking in the background (they tend to know when we are on the phone and like to let our callers know they are saying HI!). If you are familiar with any of my other blogs you know that a lot of my spare time is spent snapping pics of my baby boys. You can view some of their pics here. Just click on the different links and folders to open even more pics!


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