DOG ART: Modern Collage of Westie & CHANGE A PET’S LIFE DAY Jan 24th.

hi everyone!! sorry about being MIA there for a few days… still catching up with all the time off from the holidays. i’ve been non-stop with my dog collages and still having a BLAST!! one of my most recently completed dog art collages is of a fiesty little Westie named Paris. the original and prints will be listed through my store within the next couple of days or if u do not want to wait feel free to phone into my gallery at 1-888-969-KECK (5325).

westie dog collage modern dog art of west highland white terrier

This Westie dog collage is available in 16″ x 20″ and 8″ x 10″ and available on both fine art paper and gallery wrapped canvas.

One of my girlfriends Nancy posted a story on her facebook page today that I wanted to share here in my blog. I LOVE this story.. this event and since all of you who find your way here are dog lovers too then I am sure you will appreciate this. On Jan 24th 300 shelters all across the USA are participating in an event called CHANGE A PET’S LIFE DAY!!

A company called Hills Pet Nutrition that organized this event is going to be paying the adoption fees for the first 10 adoptions in each of the participating shelters! This event is being held to help encourage people to consider adopting a pet from a shelter as opposed to buying from breeders. This event will help raise awareness to all the millions of animals who are filling the shelters and are in such desperate need of loving forever homes. Adoption fees can be expensive, depending on the shelter up to $300, so for families who may have a loving home but do not necessarily have the funds to adopt this event really gives a great opportunity to help out both loving families who may not have necessary adoption fees as well as helping these great animals who really are in dire need of loving homes.

To find out more about this very special event please see the link below. Thank you Nancy for sharing this story with me — LOVE what they are doing!




I SURVIVED Freezin for A GREYT Reason!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all had a great holiday vacation with your friends and family. Things have just settled down here and I just got back to work in the gallery and studio.

I wanted to update and say a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, and companies that sponsored my jump into Lake Michigan on New Years Day for FREEZIN FOR A REASON!!

It was honestly the BEST TIME! I am not quite sure what our total that we brought in together but we should have those totals soon! Last year had 6 jumpers for their first year, they increased that number to 17 this year – only their second year to jump! I was prepared for the absolute WORST and was pleasantly surprised that it just was not near as bad as I imagined. The worst part was definitely coming out of the water, making your way back to your towels and then trying to get dressed.

My hubby and my friend Ryan took plenty of pics and my girlfriend Janelle and hubby also helped with the camcorder so we could make a video out of it. I’ve posted the pics and the video and the links to them are below..

2009 Freezin For A Reason Video

Some photographs of American Greyhounds 2009 Polar Bear Plunge


If you are in the Northern Indiana area and want more information on greyhound rescue, adopting a greyhound, etc. please go to

DOG ART: Shih Tzu Dog Pop Art Collage

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!!! We’ve been having a great time here for the holidays! Tonight one of my girlfriends who I haven’t seen for awhile is coming over to visit so we are still enjoying fun times here and hope you are too!

below is one of my most recently completed dog art collages – this is Isabelle (aka Izzy), a playful little Shih Tzu of my friend Ryan’s parents.

The original of this shih tzu dog art collage and fine art giclee prints of this dog art collage will soon be made available through

Please note we will be jumping in to Lake Michigan VERY SOON for FREEZIN FOR A REASON to raise funds for American Greyound so if you did want to pledge please make sure we receive your pledges before our jump on Jan 1st. 🙂 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED BY PLEDGING MY JUMP – IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!