DOG ART: Chihuahua Dog Pop Art Collage

after completing my first few dog art collages (starting with my VERY BIG boys.. moose and stoney) i started receiving emails from my collectors/friends with little dogs asking ‘what’s up with the little dog discrimination??’ — noooo discrimination here… i LOVE all dogs.. big AND small. i’ve been working on a few smaller dog breeds for my dog art collages. i’ve recently completed both a long hair and short hair chihuahua — bubbles and cisco. (pics below)

chihuahua art long hair chihuahua art
chihuahua art short hair chihuahua

the original collages of both the long hair chihuahua art collage and the short hair chihuahua art collage are available in the ORIGINAL DOG ART COLLAGE section of my store here

fine art giclee prints of my chihuahua art is available in the DOG ART PRINTS section of my store.

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