DOG ART: German Shepherd Dog Pop Art Collage

below is a pic of my baby boy Moose who was the inspiration for the start of my new pop art dog collage series. He was the first in this series and he is a limited edition of 200 in two sizes of 16″ x 20″ and 8″ x 10″. I have helped to raise funds for PETA in the past with my artwork and I was approached by PETA to see if I had any art I could donate and in particular they were looking for art that would be animal related. That was the perfect ‘kick in the butt’ I needed to finally complete a collage of my boy Moose that I had started months prior. So I finished up my collage and the first 25 of the size 16″ x 20″ were donated to PETA. Next to follow was of course our angel baby Stoney (our greyhound).

dog art german shepherd art collage