Keck Dog Art Booth at McCormick Place

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who stopped by to support and purchase my art last weekend at McCormick place in Chicago!! I am really enjoying all the emails and pics of your babies I am receiving – please keep them coming!! I will be adding a ‘friends’ section to the site soon so keep checking back here for updates.

Below is a pic of my dog art from the past show last weekend.

dog art booth - modern dog art collages by keck

I am honestly having just the best time with this series of works. For those that follow my work you will know this is series of works is quite out of the ‘norm’ for me but I’m having a blast with them. I’ve been receiving such wonderful feedback and meeting the most amazing dog lovers from all over the world – so huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting this new series and sending such fabulous emails & pics of their babies!! Many of my works in this series have also been picked up by one of my publishers so these little guys will be making their way to a poster line in stores throughout the U.S. in the near future! Please continue to send in your pics for the cutest pooch contest as I am always on the lookout for the CUTEST babies for more breeds to be added!